Welcome, after a fairly full life in IT and being made redundant and after completely redecorating my home with new white walls I became un-inspired by art to put on them. Nothing resonated, was either outside my price range or so mass market my neighbour had it too.
Cue the idea... to combine my passion for photography, cars and bikes utilising modern digital tech so I really could have a picture of my old Harley and Corvette on the wall, but so that it actually worked as art in the colours, size and style I really like as opposed to just a photo, in a random field with a stray donkey in the background.

Naturally like any “new” idea there has been a lot of head scratching, coffee drinking, swearing at the computer, large acquisitions, big printers, PC’s, software, more coffee drinking and late nights mixed with some great road trips! Like Chicago to LA (Route 66) to get my iconic backdrops for anything American, Venice for anything Italian along with my constant gathering of other great places, iconic aircraft and moments in time as I just love the artistry of being behind the lens capturing suitable backdrops.

With the 100’s of happy customers I have, as each year passes I feel pretty blessed and proud of the “one stop personalised art shop” I have created. Whether you prefer framed, canvas, acrylic glass, metal or fabric, like photo, pencil or paint styles of art I have spent years learning my trade so all you have to do is approve the email proofs and pop it on the wall. PS specialising in not bikes and cars but anything your passionate about, horses, dogs even turning your own photo into a work of art by simply putting things in or taking things out.

Please browse my work, allow me to keep you updated with ideas and offer and thank you for your time and interest.

Rob Paston
01489 799307 / 07980 801011 for a human service.
Rob@petrolheadart.com       for a nearly human service.