Unique art from your car photo

Own or owned a bike or car which was a little bit special? do you have a reminder of the good times on the wall off? Generally we don't have a picture of our bike or car on the wall at home because of what is in the background, people, buildings and other cars which just doesnt make it arty enough to hang on the wall.  As a photographer & digital artist I have spent years creating backgrounds to compliment your vehicle, your home/office and your art tastes. As photo art has become more generally acceptable and to collectors too, as an artist precious time is spent honing skills to make a painting look photo real. Now as a digital artist I can now create a lot more fine detail work without such a waiting list and saving you money too. I create unique pieces styled how ever you like your art, from photo finishes to pencil & paint effects click here to see, all emailed proofed until your 100% happy from just £145. It's about creating unique personalised art, how ever you like it starring something your passionate about, with all the memories which go with it. 

Easy 1 2 3 service
1) Pick your favorite backdrop from my backgrounds below (just ask if it's not there) 
2) Email a suitable photo or arrange to have one taken free (see events page or I can travel to you for a small fee)
3) When your 100% happy approve the emails proofs, allowing you to see the detail quality, photo and paint effects etc and prepare your wall!
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62 items in this category